Task Priority

Tasks can be assigned a status and priority, either low, medium, or high. Project tasks can be sorted according to priority, and values may be assigned to each priority level.

Manage Projects

You can create multiple projects and manage them easily from one place. Create project iterations/phases, and manage users and all spec items for every project. You can even invite your clients to see their project's progress.

Assign Users

Create users for each project then assign various tasks. You can see reports based on each users progress and easily keep track of everyone’s work. Managing teams just got easier.

Create Tasks

Tasks are where the work happens. They can be displayed by status, and when finshed, their value is added to the project total.

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Sticky Notes

Front_sticky_notes Quickly see at a glance the status of all the tasks in any project, and update them by simply dragging any task into any column. Oh, and it just looks freaking sweet as well.

Who Uses this App?

Web Development Teams

Our background is web development in an agile-like methodology. In the past we've used a bug tracker and a project management tool, now we just use Less Projects.

Agile Development Teams

If you're into Agile you'll love that you can add iterations to projects and specs to iterations. This app is perfect for you, lose those sticky notes! (Except in the Less Projects sticky notes view.)

Organizations and Non-Profits

This application is very flexible allowing it to adapt to many different situations. Change the task statuses to match your work flow.

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